Ten Successful Go-Lives for Critical UK Organisations

FourNet’s ANTENNA Service Revolutionises Secure Cloud Services

Digital transformation and customer experience specialist, FourNet’s award-winning ANTENNA service was expanded earlier this year – making it available to all Critical National Infrastructure organisations across the UK. So, what impact is it having so far?

Over the past few months, FourNet has successfully launched ten projects including on-premise, hybrid, and FourNet cloud solutions with ANTENNA and Connecting Wales, with another ten projects poised for deployment.

Here, we explore some of the projects the Manchester headquartered business has completed and those on the horizon, which showcase the solutions and commitment to operational excellence and security across the CNI sector.



ANTENNA was relaunched earlier this year at FourNet’s ‘Secure Digital Transformation’ summit hosted at London’s Mansion House, where the group unveiled an expanded portfolio of award-winning ANTENNA solutions for Government and all Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations.

With growing threats and challenges, system failures and downtime can severely impact CNI organisations. These can have potentially life-threatening consequences – seen most recently in a cyber attack on several London hospitals.

Originally developed as a shared service for central government, ANTENNA has evolved into a broader cloud platform available to all critical national infrastructure organisations. It offers always-on, resilient, reliable, and secure networking, connectivity, cybersecurity, and communication solutions such as Contact Centre to ensure safe and seamless digital transformation for essential UK services.


What is Critical National Infrastructure?

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) encompasses the assets, systems, and networks that are essential for a nation’s functioning and the well-being of its citizens. These complex architectures and infrastructures include energy, water, transportation, healthcare, and telecommunications sectors.

Ensuring the security and resilience of these infrastructures is paramount, as any disruption can lead to significant economic, social, and health impacts.

CNI organisations’ crucial role requires robust, secure, and reliable technology and communication systems to prevent potential disruption and impact.


Transforming Critical National Infrastructure with ANTENNA

Due to the potential impact of service disruptions, CNI projects must be approached with extreme caution, making transformation projects highly complex. This has led many CNI organisations to avoid change and rely on outdated systems and legacy technology, unable to risk the downtime associated with transitions.

However, legacy technology creates challenges and security threats and limits organisations from realising the benefits of modern technology that could transform services and deliver a better return on investment.

This is where the ANTENNA solution can help. With its pedigree from Central Government and designed from the ground up, ANTENNA ensures that business networks and systems are highly secure, reliable, and functional.

ANTENNA’s services, delivered from UK-based Government Data Centres, allow organisations to easily access the tools they need, as well as data sovereignty, all supported by highly security-cleared engineers and experts.


Critical National Infrastructure

At FourNet, the team’s experience in the sector means it understands the unique challenges faced by Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) organisations, and recognises and place at the forefront of the service the need to ensure the continuity and security of essential services, and all  designed to meet these exacting standards.

Here’s an overview of recent projects and the key solutions FourNet has implemented:


Key Solutions and Recent Projects

Recent work includes the deployment of robust contact centre solutions that cater to Emergency Services such as 999, 111, and 101.  SIP services, including SIP for 999 delivery, ensure that critical communications remain uninterrupted even in the most challenging situations.

In addition, there’s been a significant focus on secure infrastructure, including SD-WAN, helping to facilitate seamless on-premises migration into the ANTENNA secure private cloud. This allows CNI organisations to leverage modern, scalable technologies without risking downtime or compromising security.

FourNet has also delivered critical services through its Connecting Wales framework, improving communication and contact centre capabilities for the Welsh Government and educational organisations, particularly schools. These projects underscore our ability to maintain operational continuity and security across various public sector domains.

However, much of our recent work has supported existing customers in migrating and upgrading legacy systems to cutting-edge solutions. FourNet has facilitated several transformation projects for customers, moving from on-premises technologies to hybrid and cloud environments. From the outset, the company’s teams are on hand to assess, develop and deliver the right solution. Removing the worry and challenges around managing complex digital transitions.

For more information on FourNet, ANTENNA and Connecting Wales, please visit fournet.co.uk


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