Strategic Leadership Expanded with New Chief of Staff Role at digital learning firm

By SuperEditor May30,2024
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The new role sees Europe’s fastest-growing digital learning provider, GoodHabitz, further committing to its AI and technology journey

In an innovative move, digital learning provider, GoodHabitz, has created a new role for a member of its Engineering Leadership team. Israel Roldán has become the company’s Chief of Staff, cementing the firm’s long-term strategic commitment to operational effectiveness.

The new role’s purpose is to foster collaboration and drive strategic initiatives across the company, including focusing on AI and data. Roldán is an expert in engineering management, web architecture, software development, strategic communications and product development.

Key to Roldán’s new role is advising the GoodHabitz leadership team while also ‘seeing around corners’. He will leverage data and insights to spot opportunities to boost workflow, teamwork and strategic outcomes. He will also set benchmarks and identify challenges early to brainstorm solutions with internal experts. Communication is also paramount. Roldán will be responsible for ensuring the company’s 380+ strong team working across more than 20 countries understand its direction, challenges and opportunities, helping them move forward together and talk with a united voice.


Israel Roldán, Chief of Staff at GoodHabitz, explains: “In the past two years, we’ve expanded our strategic initiatives across the company, enhancing our product offerings and customer engagement. Moving from the Engineering Leadership Team to Chief of Staff my role is to ensure initiatives are implemented effectively across all departments, supporting our overarching goal of driving organisations forward by empowering their employees with personal, high-impact learning journeys.

“One of our company’s key objectives is to help our people – and our clients’ people – to develop. It’s what all our work focuses on. Pivotal to this position, and engineering roles generally, is to connect seemingly disconnected efforts and initiatives to better move towards organisational goals. Communication with the directors and facilitating collaboration across the company is central to this.”


Chief of Staff roles are more common in the United States, associated with the government, military, and increasingly, corporate organisations. According to GoodHabitz, the role needs a strategic mindset to transform strategy to execution, managing stakeholders along the way. With so many organisations’ processes relying on tech and AI, Roldán believes that many more organisations may tap into their Product Engineering teams as a pool for strategic talent development, as engineering is all about solving problems with the resources at hand.


Roldán, personally, has always wanted to move beyond engineering towards product development and strategy as a whole. “I’m genuinely excited about the opportunities ahead. Technology isn’t merely a tool for innovation; it serves as a catalyst for enhancing operations across all departments.

“As Chief of Staff, my role is to orchestrate our efforts to ensure seamless alignment with our overarching strategic goals. This coming year I’m particularly focused on advancing our adoption of AI-powered features and strengthening our data capabilities for more informed decision-making and for the benefit of our students. I look forward to reflecting on our progress and sharing insights from this journey in future collaborations.”


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