Cybercrime drives demand for IT security professionals.

By SuperEditor Apr22,2024

Increased concerns from businesses around cybercrime are driving a widening skills gap, according to technology specialists at SPG Resourcing.

The UK government estimates the economic cost of cybercrime to UK businesses is £21 billion per year, including losses from intellectual property theft, industrial espionage, extortion, and data breaches. For individuals in the UK, the estimated economic cost of cybercrime is £3.1 billion per year, primarily from identity theft and online scams.

SPG Resourcing has published a study outlining the challenges companies face when recruiting IT security professionals and offering advice on securing talent in a competitive job market.

Commenting on the report, Richard Howarth, associate director at SPG Resourcing, said: “The demand for IT security professionals in the UK is on the rise, evidenced by the thousands of job opportunities currently available across multiple platforms. With the IT security market experiencing a surge in vacancies, many businesses are either actively hiring or have hiring plans for the second quarter.

“This surge in demand underscores the critical need for a proactive and flexible approach to addressing the growing IT security talent gap. As businesses navigate an increasingly complex digital landscape, the importance of skilled professionals in safeguarding sensitive data and mitigating cyber threats cannot be overstated. We hope our new whitepaper will give companies a useful roadmap to address their cybersecurity recruitment needs.”

SPG Resourcing advises companies wishing to recruit IT security professionals to enhance the candidate experience by prioritising clear communication, providing prompt feedback, and offering personalised interactions.

Given the competitiveness of the cybersecurity sector, companies should provide remote work options. Additionally, offering career advancement opportunities, certifications, and upskilling options is vital for attracting and retaining cybersecurity talent, particularly in an industry facing a notable talent shortage.

The UK National Cyber Security Centre predicts AI will increase the volume and impact of cyberattacks over the next two years. AI may contribute to developing malware that evades detection by current security protocols.

SPG Resourcing helps companies and organisations across the digital sector find the talent they need. It operates internationally from offices in Leeds and Newcastle.

The SPG Resourcing whitepaper can be downloaded here


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