The Penguin Peloton moves up a gear, Kicking Cancer into Touch

By SuperEditor Apr8,2024

The Penguin Peloton will cycle approximately 250 miles from Guy’s Hospital Tower London to Blackpool Tower Lancashire, from May 3rd to 5th 2024; aiming to raise £50,000 for the registered charity Penguins Against Cancer (PAC).

The charity was set up in 2013 by members of The Penguins, the veterans rugby team from Guys Hospital, the oldest rugby club in the world. It now has fundraisers put on by many students, alumni, colleagues, friends and family across many hospitals and other organisations.

George Tsolakides, a member of the Penguin Peloton, says: “When asked to take part in a cycling fundraiser for PAC, a charity started by a group of my friends, I felt honoured. Being able to support this wonderful charity in its fight against cancer, after experiencing the loss of close family and friends to the disease, holds profound significance. “

PAC is run entirely by volunteers and has no administrative or running costs. All expenses are met by individual PAC Members, so 100% of donations received by PAC go directly to the fight against cancer. PAC raises Cancer Awareness, and makes financial grants to support Cancer Research, Cancer Treatment and Hospices. PAC currently finances 3 separate Cancer research funds.

Individuals and donors involved with PAC play a crucial role in educating others about the realities of the disease and dispelling myths and misconceptions. By sharing their personal journeys, they help foster understanding and empathy, ultimately leading to greater support for those affected by cancer.

PAC’s fundraising target for the Guys Hospital to Blackpool ride is £50,000. If achieved this will see PAC reach £500,000 raised and disbursed in the fight against cancer. The money will be used to: raise Cancer Awareness and provide financial support to Cancer Research, Cancer Treatment and Hospices. All donations will be very much appreciated: Penguin Peloton fundraising page: or

Further information on PAC is available at:

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