Pioneering Transgender Underwear and Swimwear Brand ‘Gaff And Go’ Provides Confidence and Comfort

By SuperEditor Feb27,2024

Gaff And Go is a transgender lingerie, swimwear, sportswear and accessories brand for pre-op transgender women, non-binary people and those who tuck. The brand, co-created by Robyn Electra, is based in London and Liverpool, and sells online.

Gaff & Go was the first brand to launch tucking one-piece swimwear, hand sewn and specifically made for transgender women. It has become a favourite with many of the Queens from the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Robyn Electra says: “Aged 20, I realised I was transgender; I used very painful and unsafe methods to tuck to achieve a discreet and flat front. Later, my objective was to fill a gap in the market for underwear and swimwear for trans women, non-binary individuals and gender non-conforming people. I want to provide the wearer with the ultimate confidence and comfort and to help to keep the trans community safe, and with Gaff & Go; I’m proud to have achieved that.”

Robyn Electra’s motivation was to create a quality brand that would help customers to stay safe, while also making them feel comfortable, secure & sexy.

The Gaff And Go collection also includes sportswear, with the Go Active Tucking Sports Brief & bras, created from quick-drying, moisture-wicking cotton. The innovative brief gusset and front panel give the wearer confidence, whether at the gym, hiking outdoors, or practising yoga

Robyn Electra is also the co-founder and CEO of Trans Celebration, a trans-led, grassroots human rights and community organisation dedicated to highlighting issues affecting trans and gender-diverse people in the United Kingdom and improving the quality of their lives.

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