SailGP to offer its Emmy Award-winning LiveLineFX graphics overlay for other sports properties and rights owners

By SuperEditor May9,2024

SailGP confirms its patented, award-winning on-screen visuals and graphics solution is being developed for use in other sports

LONDON (May 9, 2024) – SailGP, the world’s most technologically advanced and exciting racing on water, has today announced its industry-leading production technology, LiveLineFX, is now being developed for use in other sports properties.

The patented in-house broadcast graphics package, which powers the storytelling of SailGP and demystifies the sport, has enabled the championship to broaden its fanbase. The technology, which has received numerous accolades including an Emmy Award, has helped underscore SailGP’s reputation as one of the most innovative leagues in sport.

LiveLineFX, which is produced remotely from SailGP’s broadcast studio in London for SailGP’s broadcast partners in 212 international territories, processes 1.15bn data requests per hour from each of the ten state-of-the-art F50 catamarans per hour. Supplied by Oracle Cloud, it is all done in real time to generate unrivalled performance information.

LiveLineFX collects the data from the 125 sensors positioned on each F50, with data points ranging from the speed and direction of the boats, weather conditions as well as the sea current, which is then presented as a graphical overlay on top of the racecourse. This not only enhances the broadcast experience but is fundamental to the racing and helps educate the viewer.

It is all made possible by a unique combination of live race course video shot from a helicopter, high-accuracy GPS and the Oracle Cloud. Together these components offer real time data to the LiveLineFX team, enabling them to track the boats within two-centimeter accuracy and deliver seamless graphical overlays of geo-positioned race markers, boundary lines as well as boat positions and relative performance statistics.

The technology and creative elements of LiveLineFX lends itself naturally to a variety of out-of-stadium sports, such as cycling, horse racing, surfing, and any mass participation sports, where it can be tricky for viewers to get the full picture and understanding of what is unfolding in front of them.


SailGP Chief Technology Officer Warren Jones said: “From the outset, SailGP has prioritized patented, leading-edge immersive media technologies and LiveLineFX is an award-winning example of this. It is truly unique and hasn’t just been built for use by SailGP, it has been developed with other sports properties and broadcasters in mind where the viewing experience can be difficult due to the nature of the sport. We are now welcoming conversations with a range of potential partners and are excited to see how other sports can benefit from LiveLineFX.”

LiveLineFX has also been a successful tool as part of SailGP’s commercial and audience growth. The league now has an average of 14 million dedicated broadcast viewers per event and its audience has increased by over 300% in the last year alone.

The commercial growth of the league has been aided by the ability of LiveLineFX which has enabled SailGP to not have to rely on traditional infrastructure such as fixed advertising hoardings or pitch branding, which are typically single use and unsustainable, at its events.

LiveLineFX provides 2D and 3D on-screen advertising opportunities which has seen SailGP’s premium partners, such as Rolex and Emirates, being able to enjoy multiple branded opportunities during live broadcasts of its events.


SailGP Chief Content Officer Melissa Lawton, said: “We have seen huge audience growth thanks in large part to LiveLineFX and the understanding it brings to a very complex sport. Our success, and the fact that LiveLineFX is perfect for a variety of out-of-stadium sports, such as cycling, horse racing, surfing, and any mass participation sports, has led to active conversations with other sports properties about how they too can utilize the technology to grow their fan bases.

“The capabilities of LiveLineFX enable SailGP partners to generate significant value through branding placements around the course without the need for typical, physical commercial infrastructure. Where other sports rely on screens, temporary structures and mass on-site logistics, LiveLineFX can deliver impactful placements on the boundaries and at key areas on the course fully remote.”

SailGP also recently launched a ‘refreshed’ opening title sequence to its live broadcast alongside a new soundtrack, which was aimed at targeting and engaging new and younger audiences. More info HERE.

SailGP Season 4 concludes with events in Halifax, Canada (June 1-2) and New York (June 22-24) before the Season 4 SailGP Grand Final in San Francisco (July 13-14).


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