NAOS Partners with Thrive to Invest in Efficient Learning for Employees Across the Middle East

By SuperEditor Feb16,2024

Using Thrive’s AI-powered platform, NAOS will deliver an efficient onboarding process, enhance their learning culture and increase product knowledge.   

 Thrive Learning, the award-winning and fastest growing modern-day learning management system, has secured a partnership with French skincare company and pioneers in ecobiology, NAOS. With the end goal of enhancing the organisation’s learning culture from day one with an engaging, comprehensive and easy-to-use system, Thrive will be rolled out to 500  employees across NAOS’ three brands Bioderma, Institut Esthederm, and Etat Pur in the Middle East region from April 2024. 

Thrive’s all-in-one learning platform will play an important role in the overall learning and development experience at NAOS with its easy-to-use, engaging and accessible programmes. Looking to strengthen its onboarding process, NAOS turned to Thrive to create an efficient system which will set new employees up for success and unlock potential from day one. Allowing new starters to feel connected to the company regardless of location, Thrive creates the ability to effectively onboard new starters fully remotely. The NAOS x Thrive online learning platform will create a customised experience using data processed by AI, ensuring a tailored journey for each role, department, and level.  

Thrive’s interactive modules and multimedia content will ensure each employee is taken on an engaging learning experience which is accessible from any location, at any time. A key consideration to address the challenge of an organisation spanning multiple countries, cultures and languages. Continuous development will include in-role development, tools for the leadership and management teams, product refresher courses, and introduction to new products.

Bringing people together, NAOS will also utilise the platform’s data-insights feature to track individual employee progress, engagement, and completion rates in real-time to ensure individuals are partaking in their learning and development in an effective and timely way. This will also allow the opportunity for individuals to provide feedback on their own learning experiences.

Thrive is bridging the gap between LMS and LXP to provide a holistic approach to learning and development. The online learning platform will enhance NAOS’ company performance through its compliance tracking, efficient administration, and content management. Throughout NAOS’ Middle East team, employees are in different time zones and cultures. By implementing Thrive’s all-in-one platform, NAOS can give their employees the platform to learn anywhere from any device. This will ultimately lead to a more connected and engaged learning environment and deliver a more streamlined evaluation process.


Sean Reddington, CEO and Co-Founder of Thrive Learning, says: “We are excited to be partnering with such an incredible powerhouse in the skincare industry, to enhance their learning culture and ultimately bring their employees together regardless of physical location.

“NAOS came to us with the challenge of creating a platform which would combine ease-of-use with engaging content all while reducing admin time and strain on their L&D department. We needed to be able to connect employees together across different countries – all with unique cultures and changing languages – and create a unified experience which would connect everyone to NAOS. Everyone learns differently, and Thrive’s all-in-one platform will adapt to the different needs of each employee to ensure each NAOS collaborator gets the most out of their learning journey. We can’t wait to get started in helping each of NAOS’ Middle Eastern employees reach their full potential.”

Aysha Hayman, Lead of Learning and Development in the Middle East at NAOS, says: “As the head of L&D in NAOS I had a clear mission; to revolutionise our current learning platform, merging simplicity with empowering content. After several encounters with numerous different LMS providers, Thrive’s all-in-one solution emerged as the catalyst for this transformation. We are looking forward to this collaboration and what it holds for our NAOSians Learners.”

The partnership with NAOS will expand Thrive’s list of clients who have invested in their employees to enhance their learning and development journeys including DECIEM, Ann Summers, Ted Baker, Beauty Works, FatFace, and many more. 

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